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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A cesspool of ignorance, bigotry and hypocrisy

Just another day in America.

Let's start in North Carolina which had shown some signs of sanity voting for Obama in the 2008 election but that flew out the window today as its voters decided to opt for some serious biblical bigotry today.  Gay is the new black so Amendment 1 to the state constitution passed easily, making bigotry and ignorance legal.  Gay marriage was already illegal in the state constitution but why not pass it again just to make sure it stays illegal, and as an added bonus deny gays their civil rights, almost 1,200 of them.  

Without civil union rights single sex couples can't get health insurance even if their spouse has an employer health plan that offers it.  They can be denied hospital visitation rights to their spouse if they're intensive care, can't get joint auto or property insurance, leave to care for a sick spouse.  They will also be denied the right to have a shitty marriage just like heterosexual couples can.

Saturday was National Prayer Day so thousands of good god fearing citizens gathered before local courthouses to pray for bigotry and ignorance.  What would Jesus do, probably play a round of golf instead before the U.N./black helicopter/George Soros conspiracy destroys all our golf courses according to GOP Senate candidate, Ted Crus of Texas; where else.

We move to Kansas, home of abortion doctor killers, where the GOP's 'War on Women' which is all just another insidious Obama plot, was breaking new ground.  The State Houses sent a bill to be signed by Gov. Brownback to punish those sluts who happen to get pregnant and try to terminate the pregnancy which is still legal in America.  It gives cover and legal immunity to doctors who feel it is their God given duty to stop an abortion at all costs.  If there is a medical threat to the health of the mother or the fetus they are not obligated to inform the woman just in case she decides to have an abortion and can't be sued for malpractice if something bad happens to the mother.  Long live the fetus.

It clearly violates the Hippocratic Oath, but what the hell, it's just a theory, like evolution.  The bill also forces women to buy special abortion insurance.  Kansas had already stripped abortion from health insurance plans.  These hypocritical 'there is no War on Women' alleged humans managed to create a new tax.  Women who have abortions will now have to pay a 6.9% sales tax for the pleasure, even in the case of rape.  What would Grover; 'no tax increases ever' Norquist say? 

Doctors will also have to inform those evil baby killing women that an abortion can cause breast cancer, a theory that has been debunked over and over for the past 10 years, throwing science under the bus in an orgy of fearmongering. 

Lastly, in that august body of frat house ignorance, the House of Representatives took sides in the old economic debate and chose guns instead of butter.  A failure of Congress to reach an agreement on budget cuts would have triggered automatic cuts to the military and other government programs.   Guns was the clear winner where the GOP led House decided that the threat of underpants bombers was so great that they added a further $29 billion to the Pentagon's budget request to build among other things two more nuclear submarines and for the F22 fighter plane disaster that pilots refuse to fly.  Nevermind that the Pentagon is by far the biggest cesspool of waste in the government.  WTF, has Al Qaeda recruited thousands of Spongebob Squarepants to surreptitiously wade ashore on America's beaches  in those ridiculous  spacious pants big enough to carry a nuclear underpants bomb.

To offset this military spending binge the GOP have proposed $261 billion in cuts over the next ten years in food stamps, medicaid, insurance for low income kids, school lunches, meals on wheels and other nutrition programs.   GOP Rep, Kevin McCarthy (CA) described this as 'trimming the fat',  For once he's right.  Taking away 300,000 lunches from low income children, meals on wheels for elderly home confined citizens and food stamps in general will trim the fat, as people will literally go hungry, but it's a price worth paying to Protect us from hordes of Radical Islamic Spongebob Squarepants.  Any criticism will be met with continuous wailing of 'class warfare, class warfare' from these shameless hacks. 

There is more, just from today but this is more than enough to stomach,  It covers the right wing trifecta, bigotry on an institutional scale, the war on women with bonus government interference in our private lives and the callous disregard of the plight of the growing numbers of Americans, barely able to hang on.

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