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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Young Boozer beats George Wallace Jnr in Alabama primary

No, the headline is not a joke. Young Boozer is a real name and yesterday he beat George Wallace Jnr. in the primary for job of treasurer for Alabama Here is what Boozer's web site says about him.

"Yes, Young Boozer is my real name. I was named after my father who first made his name as a football star for the University of Alabama. My father was named after his father who served as Mayor of Samson, Alabama." He has also passed the family name on to his son Young Boozer.

I guess the people of Alabama would rather have a Boozer than a racist minding their money although to be fair to Wallace Jnr. I would hope he hasn't continued his father's politics. I guess just his name alone makes Alabamans nervous.

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