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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann - comedy duo

Sarah Palin got the ball rolling last night on Bill O'Reilly's show last night. She started out by laying the entire blame for not stopping the oil leak on Obama. That's par for the course in Palin's alternative universe. Then she truly ventured into the surreal when she suggested Obama blew it because he didn't consult the Dutch, who, after all know how to build dikes. Even O'Reilly was incredulous.

Then Michelle Bachmann (R -Minn) stepped up to the plate to provide her dose of crazy. In a speech to the Heritage Foundation she criticized the idea of an escrow account paid for by BP to compensate victims of the oil spill.

"The president just called for creating a fund that would be administered by outsiders, which would be more of a redistribution-of-wealth fund," said Bachmann. "And now it appears like we'll be looking at one more gateway for more government control, more money to government."

The Heritage Foundation folks lapped this up because in their world we should just leave large corporations alone because we can trust them. In their alternative universe BP are doing a great job so why force them to set up the escrow account.

'We're not going to be chumps, and we're not going to be fleeced.' And they shouldn't be. They shouldn't have to be fleeced and make chumps to have to pay for perpetual unemployment and all the rest -- they've got to be legitimate claims."

Not only is she completely brain dead, she can barely speak coherently.

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