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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup 1994 - Brazil - Netherlands

Holland plays Brazil in the quarter finals of the World Cup on Friday. They have had a few epic meeting before, none more so that in 1974 in Germany.

The great Dutch team led by Johann Cruyff met a very un-Brazilian team that forsake 'the beautiful game' for something a lot uglier. With most of the 1970 team retired, they decided that the only way to stop the Dutch was to foul them. Enforcement of dirty play was a lot laxer back then. A rugby tackle from behind by Brazil was punished with only a yellow card. Not that Holland couldn't dish it out themselves.

The highlight clip is about 10 minutes but worth watching, not just for the retro hairstyles but for the flashes of brilliance and some of the nastiest fouls you've ever seen.

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