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Thursday, June 24, 2010

You can always rely on the Texas GOP for a dose of the crazy

The Texas GOP has voted on it's new platform and as usual it's good for a barrel of laughs, that is unless you live in Texas. They were very upset when the Supreme Court overturned a law banning sodomy in 2003 that had stood on the books since 1860. Now they have gone even further. The want to make oral sex illegal as well as wanting to restore the old sodomy laws.

The platform also demands that performing a gay marriage be made a criminal act. It also wants to make all sexually oriented business including strip clubs illegal. I guess Michael Steele, GOP Party Chairman will have no reason to visit Texas any more.

Remember this is coming from the party of 'small government' that also advocates as little government interference in our lives. I guess that only applies to matters of which they approve. Someone should also tell them that oral sex and sodomy is quite common in the heterosexual world, although obviously not in theirs where I am sure occasional perfunctory sex is the norm.

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