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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interesting results from yesterday's elections.

In the Kentucky GOP Senate primary, Tea Party favorite Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul trounced the handpicked GOP candidate 59% to 35% in contest to replace Sen. Jim Bunning who is retiring (better late than never). In Pennsylvania, Arlen Spector lost to liberal challenger Joe Sestak illustrating the anti-incumbent feeling everywhere.

Most telling though was the special election in Western Pennsylvania to replace the late ethically challenged John Murtha (D). The GOP pulled out all the stops to win the seat in the only district won by Kerry in 2004 but won by McCain in 2008. If the GOP has any hopes of taking back the house in November a win for them in this election would have been an indication that they had some hope. It's a district where both Obama and Health Care approval ratings are well below 40%.

Still, Democrat Mark Critz managed to pull off an eight-point victory, 53 percent to 45 percent, over Republican Tim Burns. The race marked the third highly-contested, fair-fight special House election that the GOP has dropped in the last year.

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