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Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP 'systemic failure' endangers Gulf cleanup workers

Federal regulators complained in a scathing internal memo about "significant deficiencies" in BP's handling of the safety of oil spill workers and asked the Coast Guard to help pressure the company to address a litany of concerns.

The memo, written by a Labor Department official earlier this week and obtained by McClatchy , reveals the Obama administration's growing concerns about potential health and safety problems posed by the oil spill and its inability to force BP to respond to them.

It gets worse and worse
and it's becoming more and more obvious that BP only cares about it's own reputation but in trying to protect it, the company has exhibited a level of incompetence and tone deafness that is proving to be far more damaging. Not that the damage to BP's reputation is of any solace to those suffering from the effects of the disaster or for those observing from further away.

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