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Sunday, May 16, 2010

For fuck;s sake

Part of the official platform for the Republican Party platform in Maine since it was hijacked by the Tea Party is to "Reject the UN Treaty on Rights of the Child".

In various parts of the world children are being cynically used as soldiers in guerrilla wars, children are being sold and forced into prostitution, children are being murdered along with their families in genocide, children are forced to labor for pennies and the Maine GOP now believes they shouldn't be protected.

The outrageous comments, signs and actions at Tea Party rallies are explained by its defenders as 'isolated acts'. This is not an isolated act. This is the agreed upon belief of the Maine GOP/Tea Party. Those so called 'isolated acts' are the face of the Tea Party.

In a related story, classrooms used by the Maine Tea Partiers to caucus were defaced and items removed because they objected to some of the teaching materials.

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