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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

George "lift my luggage" Rekers gets paid a lot as a legal expert to talk shit.

George Rekers, co-founder of the ultra conservative Family Research Council made headlines recently when he used to accompany him on a trip to Europe to help 'lift his luggage'. The Rentboy in questions has since admitted they had sex as has another Rentboy.

Rekers is also one of the leading lights in the ex-gay movement which claims that finding religion can cure homosexuality. As a so-called expert, the State of Florida recently paid him $120,000 to give 'expert' testimony against allowing gay couples to adopt children, testimony that was deemed not credible by the judge.

He did the same in Arkansas and was paid a settlement of $60,000 after trying to bill the state for $160,000.

In both cases, judges threw out his testimony as not being credible and for being too ideological. In Florida, under state AG, gubernatorial candidate and long-time Republican stooge, Bill McCollum taxpayers had to pony up every dime.

I guess his cavorting around with Rentboys can be can be explained by field research but he's still sticking to the excuse that he needed someone to 'lift his luggage' after a recent operation. Feel free to interpret luggage lifting any way you want to.