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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pledge to America

On the same day the Democrats revealed themselves to be gutless ditherers the GOP put out their "Pledge to America" in a sense reviving the "Contract to America" from the mid nineties Gingrich era. The document is actually relatively mild compared to the Tea Party mood of the party these days, It barely mentions medicare, social security and social issues but is long on rehashing the same economic ideas that got us into this mess in 2008. Low taxes, cut spending and little regulation of businesses.

You need look no further than the author of the pledge to understand its platform. Brian Wild, who works in House Minority Speaker John Boehner's office is listed as the writer of the pledge. Previously he had worked as a lobbyist for Exxon, AIG, Pfizer and the right wing US Chamber of Commerce. No guesses as to whose interests the pledge serves.

earlier this year, the GOP had an 'America speaking out' web site for citizens to voice their suggestions for the Pledge platform. The second most popular suggestion that tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas be ended somehow didn't make it on the list.

Obviously, Republicans will only listen to their supporters when it suits their pro-corporate agenda.

The Democrats have a much simpler platform, "surrender".

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