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Friday, September 3, 2010

The insanity starts

The end of the Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of election season.   With the rise of the Tea Party and the accompanying disconnect from the real world this election season should be a doozie.

Here is  short rundown of what to expect just from today.

Sharron Angle GOP candidate for Harry Reid' Senate seat in Nevada says that paying unemployment benefits help no-one. Tell that to people who have lost their jobs, another 472,000 this past week alone.  

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, in supporting the Arizona immigration law, claimed that headless bodies, no doubt the work of illegal immigrants had been turning up all over Arizona. Law enforcement claimed no such thing has or had happened. refusing to retract her false claim.

Dick Armey, former House Majority leader from Texas and one of the leading lights in the launching of the Tea Party claimed that 3 percent of Democrats are dead peoplewhich is why they win elections. Actually most Tea party members are brain dead but that hasn't stopped them from either expressing their opinions or voting. Watch this video from last week's 'I am Glen Beck and I am the new Messiah' rally in Washington. Notice that when presented with Beck's statement that Obama is a racist (something he has said more than once on TV) not one person believes it to be true.

GOP Senate candidate for Colorado, Ken Buck claims high school education in the 1950's was far better than it is todaybecause of the advent of the Department of Education. He should probably check his facts before proving just how dumb he is. In 1957 less than 50% of white high schoolgoers graduated and less than 20% of blacks graduated. Perhaps he has also forgotten that schools were almost totally segregated in the 1950's. By comparion, in 2002 over 90% of white and over 80% of black children graduated high school. During the same period college graduation rates have tripled for both races.

And all this on a quiet pre-long weekend Friday. It will only get worse and the mainstream media, with a few exceptions, will sit idly by, or in the case of Fox, will actively enable the dissemination of what can only be called 'bullshit'. There is no other apt description.

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