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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to my blog

After some prodding from friends I have decided to start doing something the world doesn’t need; another political blog. Trouble is politics runs through my veins. It has since my parents infused politics in me growing up under the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

I cut my teeth in politics as a student radical in college in the early 1970’s and have been addicted since then. Since the mid 70’s America has been my home. I’ve grown to love my adopted home. From its brazen crassness to its invigorating spirit of innovation, adventure and freedom, it is never uninteresting.

From around the time of the Clinton impeachment I’ve sensed a level of surrealness, largely in the political arena. The wonders of the Internet have only managed to amplify that as we lurched fro, the insanity of the Bush/Gore election to 9/11 and eight years of George Bush.

It has continued since Obama’s election and it’s making me um……irritable. I’m tired of ranting to friends and family and I think they are getting a little weary of it so I’ve decided to put my dormant writing skills to chronicle the insanity in this blog. That way, people can choose to read what I have to say without having to listen to me.

The blog will be largely though not exclusively be about politics. I will cast a caustic eye on the politics of the time with hopefully a fresh angle and with humor and often bemusement. I will also blog about my other passions which include music, sports (largely soccer) and popular culture.

I hope you enjoy my offerings, tell a friend and keep coming back.


Sam Sharp said...

Look forward to more PAC

Lindsay Leveen said...

Phil welcome to the blogosphere. You may be on the left and I may drive on the median but you are the man

josh said...

unfair & imbalanced?

chutzpah said...

Student radical??? My tochass